Hunza Ecolodge
Hunza Ecolodge is nestled in a quiet, little valley surrounded by green rolling hills, in the rural village of Bodolyabér. It has been lovingly designed to provide beautiful private niches and functional communal areas, set amongst abundant organic gardens. We follow permaculture techniques, working together with mother nature wherever we can. This way we can treat our guests to the freshest produce at our Chef’s table and in the mini shop.

From Hunza, numerous marked walking and cycling tracks take you straight into the woodland, through which several swimming/fishing lakes can be reached. Just 3 km away there are medicinal thermal baths, the closest city is Pécs, a vibrant cultural hotspot all year around, with its own Unesco World Heritage site, and numerous colourful bars and cafes. Home to the lush green Mecsek hills and the World renowned Villány wine region, the County of Baranya sits at Hungary’s most Southern point. Hunza shares it’s seasons and pleasant micro climate with these areas of natural outstanding beauty, we enjoy long hot Summers and great variation between seasons.

We intend to help you discover the most beautiful places during your stay and wrote the Hunza Ecolodge’s Travel Guide with an abundance of information and practical tips. There are plenty of unforgettable activities to suit every age and interest. Here at Hunza we are also passionate about food and can offer an assortment of our own and locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, home-made bread and other products. In Summer, we organize a Chef’s table for our guests - for good company, good food, prepared by your host and passionate farm to table chef Roeland Nollet.

Welcome! Step into your very own fairy tale!
Our Philosophy
Hunza Ecolodge has been inspired by our travels, meeting other cultures and seeing the biodiversity of rainforests and coral reefs. Our love of the outdoors, wholesome organic produce and gastronomy, a sense of community and care has had a huge influence on how Hunza Ecolodge functions and continues to grow. There should be no surprise, that our philosophy of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share is at the heart of this welcoming place ...

Earth Care
At Hunza we have a deep respect for Mother Nature, you can see this in the way we have built our accommodations and care for the garden.

When building the Ecolodge, we always use local and low-impact energy materials. Although we usually build with our own hands, we also hire professionals from the region to use old time techniques such as building the typical Hungarian ‘bubós kemence’ (beehive oven).

Our diverse garden is intended not just to look beautiful, but to nourish our family & our guests. Gradually the garden is becoming healthier and more productive using organic, permaculture methods. Because a healthy soil promotes diverse life forms, the soil receives the best and most gentle attention by composting and mulching. A huge variety of plants are grown to obtain a tasty seasonal assortment of vegetables, fruits and herbs. We collect rainwater on the land and from the roofs to integrate it in daily life.

People care
Whether it’s a holiday, a workshop or the great food that leads you to Hunza Ecolodge, we will be happy to listen and tailor our service to meet your needs. We strive to provide the best for our guests and look forward to sharing our little slice of paradise!

Hunza has plenty of space and a maximum capacity to maintain the tranquillity and privacy that people are looking for. There are a variety of open or more secluded areas to discover in the garden and in our woodland - perfect to play games, read a book or simply relax and listen to the sound of nature. The outdoor community space with Summer Kitchen and the evening terrace are the perfect spots to gather and meet nice people around a large table or at the campfire.

We at Hunza have a great respect for the local villagers. Self-sufficiency is not a hip new trend for our neighbours, but rather a natural way of life passed down through generations. The abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables or the wines from the wine hill of our village, Bodolyabér, continues to amaze us. We try to share ideas from abroad and new techniques with our village so that we can learn from each other.

When we need extra hands to help at Hunza, we first look around us as close as possible, but simultaneously volunteers from all around the world are able to come and share unforgettable memories with us. This creates the interesting mix of ideas, perfect for a place like Hunza.

Fair Share
We believe that anyone should be able to enjoy a stay at Hunza and also that tasty, organic food is not just for those who can afford it. We keep the prices low for good quality produce and if necessary, a social discount can be asked for. The extra produce from our very own organic micro-farm is offered at reasonable prices or free of charge and wherever possible, Hunza will always try to support the local community.

We use sustainable permaculture techniques to maintain a Fair Share with Mother Earth. We harvest the abundance and give back by composting and creating borders with nesting places for all animals.

Our honest Fair Share philosophy drives us to manage Hunza with a real passion that will be seen and felt all around the Ecolodge. No extremes although, just in a subtle and easy-going way visitors should experience this!
Your Hosts
Once upon a time, in a sunny Hungarian garden, a guy and a girl fell in love in the shade of an apple tree...

It sounds like a fairy story, but this is how it all began. As our love for each other grew, so did our connection with the place that would become Hunza, together with the surrounding rolling hills of the Baranya region, the lush forests, the fine wines and the cultural gateway of Pécs.

...and now our two little boys play happily under that very same apple tree!

Before moving from our hometown of Ghent in Belgium to the rural village of Bodolyabér, we spent time travelling and studying while running event-catering for a living. This allowed us to build a strong background of knowledge and experience as well as providing plenty of inspiration for our move to Hungary.

In 2014, expecting our first baby, we followed our hearts and moved to Bodolyabér. A few weeks later Nándor was born and our dream of raising a family in a beautiful place, close to nature and in a great climate became a reality. In 2016 we welcomed Huba, our second little hero.

Hunza Ecolodge has been an ongoing and expanding project for us and we are proud of what it has become and grateful for the help and positive energy that we’ve received along the way. We would like to thank all of our previous guests and look forward to our future guests - it is their enthusiasm that makes Hunza the truly unique place that it is. We hope the same magic that cast a spell on us, will also touch you and make your visit memorable!

Roeland & Milady are your friendly, fun and knowledgeable hosts - both dedicated to making Hunza Ecolodge the best possible place to stay. Milady is calm and confident, with a big heart, a big smile and green fingers! As a herbalist, her knowledge of plants and herbs (and what to do with them) is an inspiration. As a former social worker she knows as the best how to open her hearth to the needs of all visitors. Roeland is an ideas man and the creative mind behind the stunning Hunza accommodation - he dreams up new plans and has the energy to bring them to life. He’s also your passionate farm-to-table chef, with over a decade of experience and holding a degree of the prestigious hotel school Spermalie in Bruges. Little Nándor and Huba are both enthusiastic about the outdoors and are always creating new adventures in the Hunza gardens. They enjoy tasting everything from the garden prepared by their dad and love the animals and plants mom teaches them about.
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