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The Baranya, often referred to as the Tuscany of Hungary is a hidden gem with plenty to discover and to experience.

The forest is filled with invigorating walking and cycling routes, dotted with prime picnic spots by scenic swimming and fishing lakes. There are medicinal thermal baths close by to relax, enjoy a massage or go to the sauna.

If you prefer a colourful, Mediterranean city vibe, head into nearby Pécs. One of Hungary’s most beautiful cities, Pécs has a rich culture and history, including its own UNESCO World Heritage site, not forgetting the markets, festivals and cosy, arty bars & restaurants.

A bit further away you can explore the rivers Danube and Dráva by boat, kayak or canoe for birdwatching, for a nice swim or to get to know the ancient technique of gold panning.

You may find, however, that the lure of the laid-back atmosphere at Hunza is far too strong to be resisted. In that case, simply pour a glass of local wine and relax outside with a good book and comforting sights, sounds and smells of nature all around.

Hike the Mecsek hills

The Mecsek with its lush green forests is filled with endless, invigorating hiking and cycling trails, dotted with prime picnic spots by scenic swimming and fishing lakes. Don't miss out on the amazing view points!

Visit the old town of Pécs

Since the old days, Pécs has been a place where cultures meet, Western Europe and the Balkans, the German-Austrians and the Turks. Pécs is nowadays an artistic and cultural hotspot with a warm and open-minded atmosphere. The old town centre offers colorful bars and cosy restaurants.

Discover the Orfü lakes

The Orfü lakes, located in the middle of green surroundings, offer swimming possibilities, a watermill museum, limestone caves and a handful of local bars and relaxed restaurants.

Taste top wines and local food

A wine culture dating back to Roman times, diverse terroirs and a mild climate with warm Summers, make the Baranya top of the list for food and wine lovers.

Relax in the thermal baths

Numerous thermal springs in the Baranya have beneficial qualifications due to its mineral content. The up-to-date spa's offer inside and outside baths, sauna's, massages as well as sliding parks to please visitors of all ages.

Experience Mecsextrém Park

Climbing through the canopy and a 1km long bob parcours in the forest are just two of the many activities the Mecsextrém forest adventure park has to offer. Fun and adrenaline assured!

Hunza's Travel Guide

Hunza's Travel Guide

Planning your trip is made easy by your hosts Milady and Roeland who are the authors of the only Baranya Travel Guide ever made. Their own travel experiences around the globe and their passion to offer you the best and only the best, were the motivation to guide you to the pearls of the Baranya in the most simple way. The guide includes self-guided daytrips, all the best hikes, outdoor activities, a special section about Pécs, eating and drinking recommendations, the secrets of Hunza Ecolodge and a wealth of up-to-date practical tips and information.

After reservation our guests receive the e-book version free of charge and upon arrival even a printed version is available.